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Creating the AMcart for 3D Printers: Lay3rs' Journey with Cutr

Learn how Lay3rs turned to Cutr for help developing their AMcart 3D printer trolley.

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Lay3rs Smart Industry Solutions

Company industry

3D printing

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3D printing

“Cutr was great for us to translate what we wanted into manufacturing. They helped us to optimise it and find the right materials to build it from.”
Robert Stroomberg
Sales Director

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How Cutr helped Lay3rs

Turning ideas into reality

We helped Lay3rs to take their rough design for the AMcart and to turn it into a real, physical project.

Making connections

We connected the team at Lay3rs with Beau Lenselink, the perfect production partner.

Flexible payment terms

Cutr provided Lay3rs with flexible payment terms and coaching on batch ordering to help them to bring the AMcart to market.

About Lay3rs

In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, one company stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Founded eight years ago in Eindhoven by Albert Falck, Lay3rs has spent almost a decade overcoming challenges, innovating relentlessly, and transforming the 3D printing landscape.

Here, we delve into their story, their partnership with Cutr, and the invaluable insights they gained along the way.

The Challenge

Lay3rs has seen 3D printing go from a niche technology used primarily in research and development to a fundamental part of the production process. The company has been right at the forefront of this revolution.

The challenge they had was that they wanted to develop their own 3D printing products. While they had the design expertise, they needed help with material selection and manufacturing.

The project that Lay3rs needed help with was their AMcart, an innovative mobile trolley that’s specifically designed to facilitate the use of 3D printers in educational environments. By offering a seamless, safe, and efficient way to integrate 3D printing technology into the classroom, the AMcart provides hands-on learning and stimulates student creativity. 

But at that early stage, the AMcart was just a concept, and so Albert and the team at Lay3rs turned to Google in search of a suitable partner. That’s where they discovered Cutr. They approached us with a rough initial design and asked us for help turning their ideas into reality.

The Solutions

Cutr's expertise in optimizing designs and identifying the right materials proved invaluable. Lay3rs knew that stability would be vital for the AMcart, whether in the form of the right environment or the ideal wheels. They also needed to meet schools' stringent quality standards and source specific components like glass and air filtration for the 3D printer trolleys.

Cutr seamlessly translated their initial design into a final product, even connecting them with the ideal production partner, Beau Lenselink.— Robert Stroomberg

The project started with a small order for ten trolleys. Lay3rs collaborated with Cutr to build prototypes that incorporated both classical wood and 3D-printed parts. Beau, their production partner, worked alongside Lay3rs, and Lay3rs also printed some components themselves. 

The iterative process led to significant design enhancements, including the addition of lighting and electrical components, adjustments to cable placements for aesthetics, changes in wood colour, and improvements to accessibility.

Air filtration
Draws to catch ink waste

is The result? The AMcart, a top-tier 3D printing trolley made from high-quality birch plywood and HPl top layers. While it's not the cheapest option, Lay3rs prioritied premium materials and craftsmanship. 

The Lay3rs AMcart

The Future

Lay3rs has already ordered a second batch of ten units and is exploring options to make the AMcart more cost-effective without compromising quality.

But the journey wasn’t without its challenges. They needed expert guidance throughout the production process, and Beau, the production partner, played a pivotal role by providing feedback and suggesting adjustments that significantly improved the final product.

“We’re in the right place at the right time for 3D printing. There are no limits to what you can create with 3D printing and so you need to find new ways to add value to what you’re doing. This is our first attempt to do just that, focusing on eucation” — Robert Stroomberg

One of the main challenges that Lay3rs encountered was that of forecasting and order management. Market adoption often diverged from their expectations, and planning efficient production wasn’t easy. That’s where Cutr came to the rescue, helping Lay3rs to chart a path to efficient production.


Lay3rs' growth and success hinged on effectively managing their relatively small company while developing a substantial product. Cashflow management was critical, especially with a product that had a substantial impact on their finances. Cutr played a pivotal role in mitigating those risks.

Rodny from Cutr was instrumental in adjusting payment terms and raising their credit line for each stage of production. That’s one of the many reasons why Lay3rs rated their experience with Cutr at 4/5 and their likelihood of working with Cutr again at 5/5.

Lay3rs is particularly happy with their production partner, Beau Lenselink. Robert Stroomberg says, “I’m very positive about Beau, and I appreciate that I can talk directly to the producer. I like the ability to build a relationship with both Cutr and the producers.”

Ultimately, Lay3rs’ remarkable journey from 3D printing enthusiasts to industry innovators showcases the power of collaboration and innovation. With Cutr as their trusted partner, they’ve been able to navigate challenges, optimize their products, and set the stage for future success in the dynamic world of 3D printing.

You can learn more about Lay3rs here.

The Production Partner

The production partner Lenselink has worked as a production partner for a number of our recurring customers, and it continues to be a partner we can rely on for product development.

Since partnering with Cutr, Lenselink’s business expansion has led founder Beau Lenselink to relocate to a larger workshop on two separate occasions. His machinery collection has also evolved, starting with a single CNC machine and expanding to include a saw, an edge-banding machine, and two nesting CNC machines, all capable of handling larger-than-average workpieces.

As Lenselink continues to enhance its capacity and capabilities, Cutr plays a pivotal role in fueling its growth by providing orders and subcontracting capacity when needed. You can read more about Lenselink here.

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