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We make manufacturing easier for everyone involved in the wood industry

Upload your design files, select manufacturing specifications and receive a quote proposal within 12 hours. Review and accept the quote to send files straight to production.

For furniture makers

Furniture manufacturing

Cutr's commitment to quality and flexible production processes make us the preferred choice for crafting durable, customized furniture that meets the highest standards.

Create exceptional, durable furniture pieces

Collaborate on custom furniture designs

Access a reliable supply chain and efficient production

For interior designers

Commercial interiors

Cutr delivers precise and cost-effective solutions, making us the ideal partner for creating functional and visually appealing commercial interior spaces. Interior builders can move from design to production faster than ever before.

Achieve precision and accuracy

Access a flexible supply chain

Reduce production costs

For stands builders

Exhibition and trade show booths

Count on Cutr to create captivating and unique installations that enhance your brand visibility, making us the perfect choice for exhibition and trade show booth design.

Stand out with visually striking installations

Custom-designed displays and signage

Modular and portable structures for easy setup

For prefab houses builders

Prefab construction

Trust Cutr to provide precision-cut components and sustainable materials, simplifying the prefab construction process and ensuring efficient assembly on-site.

Obtain precision-cut components for seamless assembly

Use sustainable and durable materials

Benefit from efficient manufacturing techniques

For Retailers

Retail and e-commerce

Trust Cutr to bring your brand vision to life with customized and eye-catching products, ensuring your retail and e-commerce offerings stand out from the competition.

Create unique and visually captivating products

Customize products to match brand identity

Benefit from efficient production processes

For cabinet makers

Cabinetry and millwork

Cutr's expertise in creating custom cabinetry and millwork solutions, combined with our wide selection of materials, ensures we are the ideal choice for achieving functional and stylish storage solutions.

Maximize storage and organization with custom designs

Choose from a variety of wood species, finishes, and hardware

Seamless integration for polished and functional results

For architects

Architects & designers

Collaborate with Cutr to turn your architectural and design concepts into reality, leveraging our knowledge and capabilities in woodworking to achieve exceptional results.

Translate visions into tangible elements

Access a wide range of materials and finishes

Benefit from expertise in woodworking techniques

What customers say about our platform

Businesses like yours are using Cutr to get their products made in less time and with outstanding quality.

Jan Willem Saurwalt

“I can directly upload 3D files without making extensive 2D drawings. This saves us time. It is also great that the quotation is received quickly and that the expected delivery dates are made clear.”

Harold Klok

Account Manager
"The simplicity, getting all your information in one platform, having one contact for all orders and things get handled from there. I don't need to find different people for different things for every order."

Joris Koudijs

Technical Lead
“The possibility to upload the STEP file of a composition without making further drawings is really great. I was somewhat sceptical about this beforehand, but that turned out to be wrong.”

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