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Sourcing a wood production partner requires careful consideration and is not a simple task. Cutr can help you find the right match in terms of price, quality, speed by offering Production Partner Sourcing, Price Matching and Request for quotes.

Production partner sourcing

Price matching

Request for quote

The right manufacturer

Production partner sourcing

Benefit from our extensive global network of production partners specializing in various wood capabilities and techniques. We have established strong relationships with reliable manufacturers across the industry, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of expertise. Whether you require CNC milling, edgebanding, finishing, or other woodworking services, we connect you with the right production partner to meet your specific needs.

Set your price

Price matching

We understand the importance of working within a set budget. With our Price Matching service, you can define your target budget, and our team will assist you in identifying the ideal production partner who can fulfill your requirements while staying within your desired cost range. We leverage our industry knowledge and negotiation skills to ensure you receive competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Choose the best

Request for quote

Simplify the procurement process with our convenient Request for Quote service. Simply provide us with the details of your project, including specifications, quantities, and any specific requirements. Our team will gather quotes from our network of production partners, providing you with comprehensive pricing and options for your consideration. This streamlines the decision-making process, allowing you to make informed choices based on the best combination of quality, cost, and capabilities.

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Assembling & Installation

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Design & engineering

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Prototyping to mass production

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Assembling & installation

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There’s no other wood manufacturing network in the world that can get you a quote as fast as we can.

More capabilities

Explore our network's capabitlities

Sanding & finishing

We specialize in wood finishing services, including staining, oiling, painting, waxing, varnishing, and more. Our experienced artisans have in-depth knowledge of wood characteristics and finishing techniques, ensuring exceptional results.

CNC turning

In addition to milling, our CNC turning services excel in creating cylindrical wooden components with exceptional precision. Our turning processes offer versatility and high-quality finishes for a variety of wood applications.

3 & 5 axis CNC milling

Our CNC milling services for wood provide a wide range of possibilities for crafting intricate and precise components. Using advanced software and cutting-edge equipment, we carve any kind of wood materials with superior precision.


Our sawing capability utilize advanced saw cutters to deliver precise cuts on any material. Whether you require straight cuts, angled cuts, or complex shapes, our skilled sawing technicians have the expertise to deliver flawless results.


Edgebanding is a critical process that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your wooden components. It involves applying a thin strip of material, such as PVC, ABS, or wood veneer, to the exposed edges of wooden panels.

Laser cutting

With laser cutting for wood components, our skilled technicians meticulously program and control the laser cutter, ensuring precise cuts and sharp edges every time.
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