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Only a few days left: How the Cutr platform saved Kubhus's fair stand in Nürnberg

A problem with customs almost meant there wouldn't be products for Kubhus at a very important fair. Until someone recommended them Cutr.

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Wooden Playhouses

"The appearance of the website was professional and that set the expectations very high. Cutr was able to deliver.”
Eduardo Pacheco

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How Cutr helped out Kubhus

Almost instant quote accepted

In a mere 22 minutes, the Kubhus quote was accepted on the platform, demonstrating Cutr's commitment to expediency and transparency.

A local production partner

By leveraging a production partner in close proximity to their target market, Kubhus sidestepped logistical hurdles and accelerated their timeline.

Easy scaling

When demand surged unexpectedly, Cutr facilitated the swift production and delivery of additional play houses, underscoring their adaptability and responsiveness.


Kubhus embarked on a mission to revolutionise wooden play houses. Founded by Eduardo Pacheco, an industrious engineer with a passion for innovation, Kubhus stemmed from a simple desire to create a dynamic and transportable play space for his energetic 2-year-old daughter. Eduardo got to work right away and fulfilled her wishes by developing a dynamic and portable play area for his daughter that was simple to construct in several ways.

For years, he made minor adjustments while his daughter continued to play with it. Kubhus is now fully prepared for the European market. Eduardo worked on the project with his brother Rodrigo, who was based in Germany, and Eduardo in Chile. The brothers' connection to their German heritage has led them to select Germany as one of their goals. Kubhus quickly became a symbol of creativity and ingenuity, reflecting Eduardo's strong commitment to combining familial inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit.

Team Kubhus getting ready for the Toy Fair '24 in Nürnberg, Germany.

The Challenge

Picture the scene: products meticulously crafted in Chile, intended to dazzle attendees at a prestigious fair in Germany, stuck at customs. For Kubhus, this nightmare scenario became a reality, threatening their aspirations and hard work. Their product had to arrive at the fair in Germany to showcase their work. Without it, it would be a problem. There was a scrunch in time as well since they only had a week to find a new replacement for it.

“The overall experience was great, the flow was good and I received quick replies to any questions I had.”

They quickly had to look for a solution. With Rodrigo's resourcefulness and a timely recommendation from his network, he was able to find Cutr, being able to turn it into a crucial support system. With the help of Cutr's team member Quinten, Cutr's partnership with Kubhus flourished. He quickly got to work and found a production partner that suited the job well, based on available machines, speed, and finishing. The project consisted of 268 parts that needed to be released right away for it to arrive at the fair on schedule.

There was a minor mistake that occurred, but it was immediately corrected. The collaboration was further enhanced by De Houtschuur's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, which resulted in a successful showcase at the fair.

Bram working on the sanding part of the wooden playhouses.

The CNC machine freesing the wood to its shapes in order to make the final product.

The Solution

With Quinten at the helm, Cutr swiftly mobilized to identify a local production partner. De Houtschuur emerged as the perfect fit, seamlessly integrating into Kubhus's supply chain with their expertise and dedication. They were available and the production process started immediately. The collaboration proved successful, with Kubhus marveling at the speed and professionalism exhibited throughout the process. A second last-minute batch of extra play houses were produced and transported from The Netherlands to Germany within 5 days having the possibility to arrive at the fair and showcase their product at the stand.

The wooden playhouse Kubhus at the fair, having its own stand.

Only a few days passed between the initial email and the finished product, showing the power of teamwork and cutting-edge technology. Visitors to their stand were amazed by the speed and efficiency of their manufacturing process, solidifying Kubhus' reputation as an industry pioneer as well.

The Future

Eduardo describes how the overall impression was very positive. The brothers were pleased that Quinten and the team recognized their needs and made it possible for them to attend the fair with four play house sets in a short amount of time. Their satisfaction grew as they navigated the professional website, where the user-friendly interface exceeded their expectations.

With a more manageable timeframe, they are eager to explore the endless possibilities of their collaboration with Cutr, confident that it will produce excellent results. They also appreciated the team's quick response to emergencies.

The final wooden parts of the playhouse completed.

Production Partner

Kubhus worked together with De Houtschuur, who is based in Rhenen. Founder Bram loves working together with his customers and thinking of solutions. For commercial customers, De Houtschuur focuses mainly on company furnishings and interior construction but they also take on residential customers.

Production Partner, De Houtschuur.

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