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Meet your Production Partner: Lenselink

Read how Cutr’s fastest partner-to-onboard has doubled their workshop and found extra capacity through Cutr.

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Wooden panel processing

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Wooden products

“We were struggling to find a partner to help us finish some orders, especially because it was just before the summer vacation. The stress was building up, but then Cutr found me a partner just in time. That was a great first impression of subcontracting with Cutr."
Beau Lenselink

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How Cutr helped Lenselink

Order variety

Cutr dispatches a range of different order types allowing Lenselink to expand their portfolio of products produced.

Payment security

Lenselink can trust Cutr’s favourable payment terms to work with his cashflow.

Time saved

Cutr handles quoting and customer conversations so Lenselink can focus on producing.

About Lenselink 

Four years ago, in June 2019, Lenselink sourced a cheap CNC machine to fabricate their stackable flightcase. Beau Lenselink (Founder) was responsible for the product design, machine sourcing prototyping, marketing and sales.

Beau's first CNC machine

The challenge

Due to downward trends in the entertainment industry, Lenselink’s primary market, sales dipped and the company had to pivot. Jobs were coming in, but not nearly fast enough for Beau to grow the business.

The solution

In early 2022, Beau found Cutr on Google and applied to become a partner straight away. Within days, Beau was already producing their first order through Cutr. 

“When I first got to know Cutr, it really helped to bring in extra work and cash. I started out with only two standard clients, and now I have enough to work 24/7 if I want to. I’m in a more luxurious position and I’m really grateful for the work they’ve brought in.” — Beau Lenselink

Lenselink has produced 14 orders with Cutr over the last 14 months, and continues to be one of Cutr’s most collaborative and solution-oriented partners. Cutr’s Operations team eagerly anticipate every project with Beau and his team due to their unwavering commitment to quality, easy communication, and their knack for sharing valuable industry insights.

Although his current client load keeps him busy, Cutr's orders conveniently fill gaps between projects and provide supplementary income during slower months. Conversely, during periods when his workshop is operating at full capacity, Lenselink leverages Cutr's extensive network of over 120 production partners to outsource segments of larger projects.

The future

“In the future, I want to take on more of the jobs that I’ve declined because of time constraints. A lot of them are jobs that I’ve really wanted to do but haven’t been able to because some of my clients have grown too fast. I also want to continue to do good work for the clients I already have.” — Beau Lenselink

Lenselink's new workshop

More about Lenselink

Lenselink has produced for a number of our recurring customers and continues to be a partner we can rely on for product development. Since partnering with Cutr, Lenselink's business expansion has led him to relocate to a larger workshop on two separate occasions. His machinery collection has also evolved, starting with a single CNC machine and expanding to include a saw, an edge-banding machine, and two nesting CNC machines, all capable of handling larger-than-average workpieces. As he continues to enhance his capacity and capabilities, Cutr plays a pivotal role in fueling his growth by providing orders and subcontracting capacity when needed.

Lenselink helped TILER in their mission to become a widely distributed and universal charging network for light electric transport by building an early version of their bike charger. You can read that case study here. 

Currently Beau is working closely with Cutr to prototype and produce affordable yet durable trolleys for 3D printers with Lay3rs.

Beau's work for Lay3rs (3D printer trolley)


Cutr’s manufacturers are market leaders and each bring their own speciality to the marketplace. Cutr is committed to improving the experience of building with wood, and simplifying the experience for manufacturers so that they can focus on doing what they do best, building high quality wooden products.

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