Case Study

How Houtbewerking Friesland delegates tasks to Cutr's platform due to flourishing business.

Hessel, after a shift in his previous employer's operational strategy, discovered his passion for CNC machines and independently worked on creative projects, now collaborating with Cutr as a customer.

Company name

Houtbewerking Friesland

Company industry

Woodworking Industry

Project type


“I’m not proud of one specific project. I take pride in all of my projects. It's important for me to stand behind every product I create.”
Houtbewerking Friesland
CNC milling operator

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How Cutr helped Houtbewerking Friesland

Optimized CNC Capacity

Taking on jobs through Cutr ensured that the CNC machine was utilized at its full capacity, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in production processes.

Scalability through Outsourcing

When Houtbewerking Friesland reached capacity, Cutr offered outsourcing services, enabling continued growth without production constraints.

Flexible Production Support

Cutr's flexible production support helps Hessel manage workload fluctuations smoothly, ensuring continuous operations during busy schedules.


Hessel of Woodworking Friesland talked about the moment when his employer's workforce reduction led to a new challenge. Here he could follow his passion to independently manage his own projects with his creative ideas and operating advanced CNC machines. Now he works with Cutr, both as a customer and as a production partner. Taking a bold leap, Hessel invested his savings in purchasing a CNC machine. His goal was to rediscover the joy of creating beautiful furniture, being creative, and problem-solving. Starting a business from scratch is no easy feat, and it takes time to get things up and running.

Hessel learned about Cutr through a former business partner who had been using the platform for some time. He began accepting jobs from Cutr to fill up the downtime on his CNC machine. With a strong belief in running the machine at full capacity, Hessel quickly embraced nesting as a way to optimize efficiency.

CNC milling process of a wooden closet. The parts are being CNC milled in parts.
The CNC milling process brings wood products to life, demonstrating the precision and craftsmanship.

CNC machine in the progress of CNC milling a wooden closet
Capturing the CNC milling process of a wooden closet by Houtbewerking Friesland

The Challenge

Having previously worked in a large company, project management is second nature to Hessel. This enables him to effectively juggle multiple projects simultaneously, both at his workplace and through Cutr.

However, he finds that a challenge when working with customers is that some may not fully grasp the concept of lead times, which typically range from 6 to 8 weeks. To ensure customer satisfaction, Hessel emphasizes the importance of transparent communication and managing expectations by explaining the reasons behind these lead times.

A wooden closet which is taking apart. Before the montage process. CNC milled closet.
After the CNC milling process, the pre-assembled closet is ready to be shipped.

The Solution

Houtbewerking Friesland quickly gained momentum, and now Hessel relies on Cutr to outsource jobs. Due to his emphasis on nesting, handling requests for single pieces can be challenging as they may not align with the CNC machine's capacity, which is usually running at full capacity. As a result, he often outsources items like closets.

Furthermore, to prevent overexertion, he willingly refers larger jobs to Cutr when they exceed his capacity as a sole trader. Recently, he forwarded a substantial request directly to Cutr. Which resulted in removing himself from the conversation to ensure his workload remained manageable.

The Future

Houtbewerking Friesland is now three years old, and the future looks promising. He rates his collaboration with Cutr a 4 out of 5, acknowledging room for improvement. Communication is commendable; although most interactions occur through the platform, Hessel appreciates Milan's occasional WhatsApp messages or calls, his preferred mode of communication.

Moreover, Hessel finds the platform's features, such as the quote feature and job management, user-friendly. He eagerly anticipates crafting more furniture and ensuring customer satisfaction by continuing his partnership with Cutr in the years to come.

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