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Your one-stop solution for precision sheet wood cutting and edge-banding

Email-to-Cutlist Automation

Instant pricing

Extensive material catalogue

Price comparison


Email-to-Cutlist Automation

Send your sawing list requests simply via email! Cutr transforms your text emails into structured orders on our platform within minutes.

No need to input your parts list one-by-one

Send requests in any language for quick cutlist orders

We centralize your project details for streamlined collaboration


Instant Prices

Get instant prices to get your sheet wood cut and edge-banded to size

Receive an instant quote estimate

Upload your cutlist or use our easy-to-use platform

Live up-to-date pricing across the industry for all materials


Extensive material catalogue

Gain access to a wide range of materials

You can make your own selection of core and top materials

Configure your cutlist with grain direction, edge banding and HPL materials

Multiple material combinations can be ordered at the same time


Project optimisation

Check which materials are more convenient for your project and your budget.

Optimised nesting with a live preview of the sheet to cut

Detailed price breakdown

Instantly determine the price impact of your choices on material, size and grain direction

Cutr standard

Your products go through an unrivalled quality assurance process

With a strong commitment to quality, Cutr ensures that every product meets the highest standards.

Here’s how...

Partner onboarding

All our production partners go through rigorous quality checks before they are onboarded to Cutr’s network.

Quality review

All deliveries are reviewed against our quality criteria pre-dispatch to ensure we meet your expectations.

We never say no to projects, due to our network's flexible capacity

Most manufacturing companies fail to deal with incoming requests in an efficient way. Their machinery often has limited availability. They have to come up with quotes manually. We get it, it’s a lot of work.

Quick, accurate quotes

Our network of manufacturers gets bigger everyday. This means we can help with your project every time.

We help you grow

We've helped one of our clients grow by 300% by finding and on-boarding a new production partner.

What customers say about our platform

Businesses like yours are using Cutr to get their projects done in less time and with outstanding quality.

Jan Willem Saurwalt

Designer and Co-owner
“I can directly upload 3D files without making extensive 2D drawings. This saves us time. It is also great that the quotation is received quickly and that the expected delivery dates are made clear.”

Harold Klok

Account Manager
"The simplicity, getting all your information in one platform, having one contact for all orders and things get handled from there. I don't need to find different people for different things for every order."

Joris Koudijs

Technical Lead
“The possibility to upload the STEP file of a composition without making further drawings is really great. I was somewhat sceptical about this beforehand, but that turned out to be wrong.”

Upload your CAD file.
Get a quote.
All within 12 hours.

There’s no other wood manufacturing partner in the world that can get you a quote as fast as we can.



Whether it’s custom-made cabinets, chairs, tables, or entire furniture lines. We’ve seen it all, and know what to do.

Prefab construction

Need help getting woodwork made for your turnkey prefab houses? Standard or modular, we’ll find what you need.

Commercial interiors

Sometimes interior projects call for custom, top-of-the-range work. Whether it’s a super yacht or a modern home.

Exhibition stands

Tradeshow booths and exhibition stands require custom woodwork and design at scale. That’s what we do.

Use Cutr to get a quote within 12 hours

There’s no other wood manufacturing partner in the world that can get you a quote as fast as we can.