Case Study

Delivering 400 Snowboards in Two Weeks - WP Wood Productions' Outsourcing Experience

Learn more about how Cutr helped WP Wood Productions with the production of 400 snowboards in two weeks time.

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WP Wood Productions

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Wooden Furniture

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"Working with Cutr was very easy. Within a day, we had everything sorted, from the quote to finding a party that could produce it."
Paul Westendorp

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How Cutr helped WP Wood Productions

Translating 2D into 3D

We translated WP Wood Productions' 2D drawing quickly into a 3D drawing ready for production.

Short timeline

We matched WP Wood Productions with a Production Partner that could deliver within two weeks.

Specific price point

We could meet WP Wood Productions' price point for the snowboards.


WP Wood Productions faced a challenging task: producing 400 snowboards within a tight two-week timeframe and a budget of €4500. With their production capacity stretched to the limit, they sought a solution from Cutr to meet their ambitious requirements.

"The challenge lay in the short delivery time. We didn't have the capacity to produce all the snowboards ourselves." - Paul, WP Wood Productions


Cutr took action, leveraging their extensive network to find a high-quality production partner within 48 hours that could meet WP Wood Productions' budget and deadline. MadeByWim, a dedicated partner known for craftsmanship, was quickly identified.

To optimize speed, Cutr and WP Wood Productions devised a unique solution: WP Wood Productions would deliver their own materials directly to MadeByWim's facility. This ensured that the project stayed on track and met the challenging deadline.

Additionally, Cutr translated WP Wood Productions' 2D drawings into a 3D design, ready for CNC production, within hours of the request. This coordination and swift action resulted in the smooth execution of the order.

Future: A Path of Continued Collaboration and Innovation

The deadline was met, and although there were a few optimization opportunities for future runs, WP Wood Productions was delighted with the end result.

"Working with Cutr was very easy. Within a day, we had everything sorted, from the quote to finding a party that could produce it." - Paul, WP Wood Productions

Paul indicates that they would definitely use Cutr again for an urgent order.

The Customer: WP Wood Productions

Founded in 2018 by Wessel and Paul, WP Wood Productions started as a hobby project crafting beautiful picnic tables. Over time, their passion evolved into a successful furniture workshop, offering a diverse range of high-quality tables, garden furniture, room dividers, and cabinets.

Committed to creating furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable, WP Wood Productions selects only the finest wood and materials. Their constant challenge is to innovate and create designs aligned with both customer demands and their own vision.

In addition to outsourcing to Cutr, WP Wood Productions is a reliable production partner of Cutr, delivering high-quality products at any cost.

The Production Partner: MadeByWim

Based in Schijndel, near Den Bosch, MadeByWim is your go-to for custom wooden and steel furniture. With a lifelong love for woodcraft, Wim's workshop is equipped to create anything from tables to cabinets, tailored to your vision.

Offering computer-controlled milling services with a CNC portal milling machine, MadeByWim excels in precision work on wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals. As a dedicated collaborator and production partner, Wim's meticulous attention to detail shines through. With over 20 projects under his belt, his commitment to quality is unwavering.

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