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Meet your Production Partner: Woodwave

Woodwave, one of our new production partners specialized in solid wood, was founded in 2006 when they were asked to do the interior for a Three-Masted Schooner. Back then they were mainly doing wood work in old harbours. In 2008 they switched to restaurants and hospitality and grew rapidly with the help of digitalization. Max, who is managing the work preparation, is showing us around in his workshop.

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Three-Masted Schooner

"While we have enough jobs, Cutr provides a nice way to get more work.”
Work prep manager

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How Cutr helped Woodwave

New Sales channel

Customers can find us via Cutr

Flexible payment terms

No need to worry about cash flow

Saved time

The process was faster and less frustrating

Max, can you tell us what the core values of Woodwave are?

“We really have a flat hierarchy at Woodwave. Alex owns the company, but he trusts his people and people are given autonomy to manage themselves. Some want to do what is prepared, others like to have more freedom in doing their own projects. For example in the beginning, Alex was a bit hesitant of working with Cutr, but I wanted to give it a try so he lets me run this project. It’s cool that he gives me the freedom to be an entrepreneur and explore new innovations.“

How do you use Cutr?

“We mainly use Cutr as an extra sales channel. It’s great that customers can find us via the platform. People don’t just walk in to our workshop and our website is not up to date. While we have enough jobs, Cutr provides a nice way to get more work.”

How has your experience been with Cutr so far?

“It’s been going well so far! If the quotation is right, it saves us a lot of time. I like working with people, but sometimes the communication back and forth about material and design choices can be a bit frustrating and time consuming. Private customers often still have a lot of options when they come to us and with Cutr we don’t have to worry about that.”


Woodwave is a reliable partner in the field of interior construction, furniture and ship interior/exterior with a drive to innovate. With their workshop, machining, plate department, steel workshop and paint shop they are one of our very diverse partners with many possibilities. We are looking forward to the rest of our collaboration!

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