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Streamlining Store Design with Robbert-jan Even of Intratuin

Learn how Cutr gave Intratuin and Instore Experience Nederland an edge over the competition to create the largest Christmas market in the Netherlands.

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Retail & Instore Experience Design

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Instore Experience Design (Christmas Markets)

“Cutr has given me a cutting edge over the competition for me and my clients. The planning with Cutr is totally different than it is with a normal production partner.
Robbert-jan Even
Instore Experience Designer

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How Cutr helped Intratuin

Material selection

Cutr provided suggestions and advice on material choices to reduce costs and enhance the project’s overall efficiency.

Organising transportation

Handling transportation between the production partner and the client can be complex, but Cutr stepped in to streamline the process.

Rapid pricing and delivery

Cutr’s rapid pricing and delivery meant that projects could move forward at record speed.

The Challenge

One of Robbert-jan’s biggest challenges is creating the largest Christmas market in the Netherlands.

At around 30,000m², Intratuin Duiven's Christmas market is about five times bigger than The White House.

Take a look inside Intratuin Duiven's Christmas market in the video below.

Christmas markets are about inspiration, and while almost every garden centre has a Christmas market, Robbert-jan was helping to create one in Intratuin Duiven which was the largest in the country.

Robbert-jan needed help building a facade for a Christmas village street in the garden centre, and he turned to Cutr after discovering us on LinkedIn. He was particularly impressed by the swift pricing, with Cutr providing a quote within 1 business day, rather than the weeks that it took most other suppliers.

Intratuin Duiven Christmas World 2022

"The fast pricing is particularly useful. My competitors are doing it the old way, but we don’t have to spend as much time at the beginning of the project." — Robbert-jan Even

Intrigued, he decided to give it a shot and started a project. We’ve since completed half a dozen projects together and formed a mutually beneficial partnership. 

The Solution

Before Cutr, Robbert-Jan used to design each item in Palette CAD and then take his design to multiple different suppliers to request a quotation, this took him several weeks and sometimes even months. Now, with Cutr he can upload his 3D model to and get a quote within 24-48 hours. This was possible due to Cutr's computer software which calculates in a short period of time which costs are involved in producing one of the designs

"It’s less stressful for me because I can order interior items much earlier in the process. I’m able to save two weeks on pricing.” — Robbert-jan Even

One of the big challenges for companies like Instore Experience Nederland is to rebuild shops at speed. They’re typically open for seven days a week, and so Robbert-jan has an edge over the competition by having fast pricing and production times and requiring just a few days of installation time.

Intratuin Duiven Christmas market being assembled

The Future

Cutr’s assistance extended way beyond pricing; they also provided valuable advice on material selection, resulting in significant cost savings per item. Cutr also helped to organize transportation, a complex task that Robbert-jan found challenging to manage on his own.

“Cutr has given me a cutting edge over the competition for me and my clients. The planning with Cutr is totally different than it is with a normal production partner.” — Robbert-Jan Even

Robbert-Jan told us that one of the stand-out features of working with Cutr was the speed with which we went from initiation to completion. One such project went from the first meeting to installation in just four weeks.

Intratuin Christmas market Interior
Intratuin Christmas market stalls


Robbert-Jan rates his experience of working with Cutr at a solid 5/5. He notes that the partnership has streamlined his projects while simultaneously elevating their overall quality. 

Thanks to its promise of continuous improvement, Cutr has become an indispensable ally for Robbert-Jan and Instore Experience Nederland as they continue to transform Intratuin garden centers into remarkable destinations.

Robbert-Jan says that he’s extremely likely to work with Cutr again, rating the likelihood a 5/5. Cutr’s efficiency, speed, and quality have firmly established it as part of Instore Experience Nederland’s store design process. 

The future’s looking bright for this dynamic partnership.

The Production Partner

This project was produced with the support of Handig in Hout. With their background in the design and production of bespoke kitchens and furniture, Sytse and his team leveraged their customization skills to produce top-quality parts, exceeding expectations by delivering a week ahead of schedule. Discover here to learn more about Handig in Hout.

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The interior being made
In the workshop

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