Case Study

Cutr as a subcontractor for the build out of a cafe in less than 4 weeks

From drawings to installation in just four weeks, Huang Pai met their tight deadline with Cutr as their subcontractor.

Company name

Huang Pai

Company industry

Construction and Design

Project type

Fit out of Coco Bubble Tea cafe in Rotterdam

“I was able to collaborate with smart people who understood my needs. All my questions were answered quickly, and I was satisfied with the responses.”
Project Manager

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How Cutr helped Huang Pai


Cutr swiftly provided a quote the next day and completed full installation within 4 weeks by subcontracting.

Material Expertise

Cutr ensured project timelines by suggesting various material options, all managed in-house.

Streamlined Platform

Project managers often deal with numerous spreadsheets, but the Cutr platform simplifies tracking and updates, ensuring clarity and ease of management.


Established in 2015, Huang Pai has grown into a company with over 60 employees, offering a diverse range of services such as interior design, construction, and decoration for both residential and commercial clients.

Ziyao, a project manager at Huang Pai, played a pivotal role in collaborating closely with the Cutr team for this specific project. The collaboration focused on designing a bubble tea cafe in Rotterdam, encompassing a bar, seating, and upholstery to integrate seamlessly with an existing structure.

Ziyao: “Initially, I thought Cutr was just another furniture supplier, but after learning more, I was fascinated.”

The Challenge

The project had a tight deadline: it needed to be installed within 4 weeks from the day Cutr received the drawings. Fortunately, Cutr always stays informed about the capacity of its Production Partners, so they immediately knew who would be ideal for the job. During an introduction call with Huang Pai, Elger, a member of Cutr's Business Development team, swiftly sent the drawings to Brok via WhatsApp. Without delay, Brok responded, and during that very call, Cutr confirmed the production.

“Although we were considering other suppliers, I decided to go with Cutr. It felt professional based on our conversations and their output.”

The counter features a glass top, for sanitary advantages, while wooden panels adorned with LED lights offer a modern and sleek appearance.

The half-round booth's orange upholstery adds a vibrant pop of color, perfectly representing the brand CoCo.

The Solution

To ensure adherence to the tight 4-week lead time, Cutr, Brok, and Huang Pai engaged in discussions regarding material options. The original materials posed a risk of delaying the project by at least a week. By opting for different materials and countertops, the deadline remained unscathed.

Ziyao: “I was surprised by Elger's depth of knowledge about materials. Most Sales and BD people don’t have a lot of knowledge about their own product, but he knew all the details.”

Following discussions, Cutr, Brok, and Ziyao worked together to take measurements, after which production officially kicked off.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Ziyao expressed satisfaction with the seamless communication and process. He found the collaboration markedly different from his experiences with other external partners, emphasizing the enjoyment derived from working together on the project.

Behind the seatings are the base for the plants with the wooden walls, giving a nature relaxing athmosphere for clients to relax and enjoy their meals.

The Future

Ziyao noted that the project proceeded without any significant challenges and gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5. He emphasized the seamless communication among all involved parties, which contributed to the project's success. Despite the substantial weight of the pieces, the installation was completed in just over half a day, much to his satisfaction.

With a desire for future collaboration, Ziyao expressed eagerness to work with Cutr again. Most notably, he highlighted his customer's satisfaction with the final product as a key outcome of the project.

Production Partner

Brok Interieurbouw is based out of Hengelo, The Netherlands and has been a production partner since the summer of ‘23. Brok works on projects for residential and commercial customers.

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