Case Study

Harmonic Egg's Journey to European Success

Cutr played a crucial role in Harmonic Egg's LiFT's successful entry into the European market, enabling growth and positioning in the wellness industry.

Company name

Harmonic Egg

Company industry

Wellness Industry

Project type

Sound and Light Therapy Advancements

“I am happy how Cutr was able to communicate with me and send me photos and videos of every step of the way of the production process.”
Gail Lynn

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How Cutr helped Harmonic Egg

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the European market required careful attention to detail.

Market Expansion

Harmonic Egg entered the European market with Cutr's help, meeting the rising demand for holistic healing solutions.

Precision Manufacturing

Cutr's expertise ensured seamless production of LiFT units to European standards, overcoming challenges and ensuring quality.


The Harmonic Egg was established in 2016, invented by Gail Lynn. In the dynamic landscape of holistic wellness, Harmonic Egg has emerged as a transformative approach, blending sound and light therapy to unlock the body's innate healing potential.

Harmonic Egg's innovative approach has garnered attention worldwide, prompting the need for expansion into new markets, particularly in Europe. This case study delves into how Cutr’s collaboration played a pivotal role in Harmonic Egg's journey to establish a foothold in the European market with their latest invention the LiFT.


One of their products, the LiFT is an advanced holistic system combining sound and light therapy, embarked on a journey to set a foothold within the European market with the collaboration and help of Cutr. Together with Gail Lynn, the inventor of the Harmonic Egg, this collaboration aimed to meet the growing demand for holistic healing solutions in Europe.

The LiFT device occupies the room, its presence commanding attention of tranquility, to deliver holistic wellness experiences.

Their products, the Harmonic Egg and the LiFT, offers a unique approach to wellness by combining sound, light, and sacred geometry. However, one of the key challenges faced by the company is its ambition to expand its market reach while maintaining high standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

The light can be changed by a remote in diverse colors.
The LiFT emits a glow, illuminating the room in soft light, fostering a tranquil atmosphere for holistic healing.

The project required the adaptation and creation of the LiFT units in accordance with European norms and regulations, ensuring seamless incorporation into the European market. Cutr's assistance included everything from initial design consultations to prototype creation, in which they used their knowledge to optimize the product for European market while maintaining its essential functionality and healing capabilities.

The LiFT developed as a reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic, proving the company's commitment to adaptation and innovation. Following the success of their iconic egg product in the United States, Gail Lynn recognized the need for a more accessible and portable solution to reach a larger audience. The LiFT was created out of a desire to provide people with a convenient option to experience holistic wellness in the comfort of their own homes.

The LiFT device completes its final form in the production partner's studio, showing precision and innovation.

The LiFT device, with its doors open, showing the inside.

This shift toward a compact and user-friendly design illustrates Harmonic Egg's commitment to fulfilling their customers' dynamic needs while maintaining their primary principles of sound, light, and intention-based therapy.

The details of the light source within the LiFT device, showcasing the precision engineering behind its holistic illumination

The doors of the LiFT in its pre-assembly stage.

The Challenges

One of the primary challenges faced was the need for product adaptation to meet European regulations and standards. Cutr’s solution-oriented approach and meticulous attention to detail enabled the successful alignment of Harmonic Egg units with European requirements, ensuring compliance without compromising on quality or functionality.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Cutr and Harmonic Egg continues to flourish, with plans for further expansion and innovation on the horizon, underscoring a partnership grounded in mutual growth and success.

"Cutr has been an invaluable partner in our journey to bring Harmonic Egg to the European market."

The Solution

Cutr stepped in to provide invaluable solutions to Harmonic Egg's challenges. They assisted in identifying potential production partners and facilitated communication and negotiations to ensure alignment with Harmonic Egg's requirements.

Moreover, Cutr offered guidance and support in navigating the complexities of international production, helping Harmonic Egg transition smoothly to overseas manufacturing while maintaining their high standards of quality and compliance. Through their expertise and strategic approach, overcoming obstacles and achieving successful expansion into new markets.

An animation of the LiFT

The Future

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Cutr and Harmonic Egg is poised for continued growth and success. As Harmonic Egg expands its market presence and explores new avenues for holistic wellness, Cutr remains a steadfast partner, providing essential guidance and support.

The relationship between Cutr and Harmonic Egg is characterized by shared values and goals, centered around promoting holistic wellness and making a positive impact. By leveraging Cutr's expertise and resources, Harmonic Egg can navigate the complexities of international expansion more effectively, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.

With a focus on collaboration and innovation, Cutr and Harmonic Egg are well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the wellness industry and achieve even greater success together in the future.


In conclusion, Cutr's collaboration has been instrumental in Harmonic Egg's successful expansion into the European market, highlighting the power of innovation, partnership, and dedication in driving transformative change. As Harmonic Egg continues to make strides in the wellness industry, the ongoing collaboration with Cutr stands as a testament to the value of strategic partnerships in achieving shared goals and fostering sustainable growth.

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