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Wooden products

"Cutr’s tech enabled tools and processes offer a more seamless working relationship for both the customer and manufacturer".
Harold Klok
Account Manager

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How Cutr helped cnc_factory


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cnc_factory are able to log onto the platform and see all the order information in one place.

About cnc_factory

Cnc_factory specialises in manufacturing high-quality wooden cnc’d products at speed. Their roots lie in building high-end exhibition stands for the automotive industry (a&a_expo) - for the likes of Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Audi to name a few. They attribute their ability to manage quality and efficiency at speed to their nimble internal organisation built around short reporting lines and a flat structure. Everyone works together to get things done. It’s not uncommon to see the owner driving a forklift, or delivering an order to help speed up logistics.

“We get your products prepared in less time at high quality. We look big, but we are small for our customers in how we handle their productions. When we have capacity we can get things done in a few days instead of weeks, and still maintain a very high quality bar. Initially an exhibition stand building company for big car brands, we adhere to a high quality bar down to the millimetre, and we bring that experience and precision to everything we do.”

It’s really important for cnc_factory to keep strong bonds and relations with their customers. They value keeping their clients happy, and see repeatability as the ultimate sign of happy clients.

“We have customers from years ago, they just call us and send us a file and trust us to give them the right price and best quality.”

The challenge

Working in the wood manufacturing industry is particularly challenging at the moment with global supply chain issues, material price fluctuations and the day to day of being a customer facing business. As a manufacturer, there is typically a lot of back and forth with the customer in order to get a design from initial contact to produced and ready for delivery. There is a lot of project management and administration required to prepare a file to be ready to cut on the CNC.

“With customers usually you have to have a lot of small communications; when is the delivery?, When is that going to happen? Managing their files… and then things are missed sometimes.”

The solution

Cutr’s tech enabled tools and processes offer a more seamless working relationship for both the customer and manufacturer. Cutr uses machine learning to prepare preliminary quotes on behalf of the manufacturer, works with customers to engineer designs for production, and performs error-checking on files before dispatching a tidy order package to its manufacturers.

“With Cutr, you have an order and everything is set. Normally if you have a customer you have to call a lot and communicate “How do you want this?, or that?”, and ask them to send you this or that and have to fix it yourself. On Cutr it's all in one place, fully ready to go.”

Once the order is dispatched, cnc_factory are able to log onto the platform and see all the order information in one place. They have the ability to quickly check dimensions or individual parts on the platform, or download the .step file to import into their own CAD/CAM software. Cutr also prepares the necessary worksheets and packing slips - handling the admin to ease manufacturing logistics from start to finish.

“The simplicity, getting all your information in one platform, having one contact for all orders and things get handled from there. I don’t need to find different people for different things for every order.”

The future

Going into the future, as we slowly overcome the pandemic, business is picking back up again and the future looks bright and busy for cnc_factory. They’re excited, energised and committed to providing the best experience for their clients.

“A lot of material prices are now going up, our repeat customers tell us in advance their orders, and we work with them to buy materials in advance so we can protect them from price fluctuations.”

The relationship between cnc_factory and Cutr is a growing partnership which requires new processes and improved ways of working on both sides. Cutr is fortunate to learn a lot of industry knowledge from their production partners which directly informs the development of the product.

“We are learning from each other, and that’s a good thing. The relationship is very good, with exposure to new opportunities and new clients. And working with the platform it’s getting better and better, you learn from your customers, companies and take feedback continuously, and that’s very good to see.”


Cutr’s manufacturers are market leaders and each bring their own speciality to the marketplace. Cutr is committed to improving the experience of building with wood, and simplifying the experience for manufacturers so that they can focus on doing what they do best, building high quality wooden products.

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