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Building custom campervan interiors with Cutr

How Campr built their first custom designed Campr interior, overcame manufacturing challenges and set themselves up to grow their business.

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Interior design for campervans

“Campr and Cutr are ambitious and want to learn a lot. Because of this we are evenly matched and it is easy to make quick decisions together.”
Jan Willem Saurwalt
Founder of Campr

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How we helped Campr

Growth and Scale

Campr is growing more than 300% year-on-year

Flexible Payment

Cutr offer flexible payment terms

Team work

Cutr helped us switch manufacturer

The client

“Your Campr, your style”. 

Campr converts your van into a beautifully crafted home on wheels - customised to your design taste and needs. Their concept is simple - you bring the van and they'll take care of the rest. With a focus on building industry relationships and a strong eye for detail, Campr works closely with their customers to build personal connections and deliver high quality products. Every Campr is treated as though the Campr team owns it themselves.

“We like to have fun, but we don't like nonsense. We find honesty and transparency very important. We also ask this of our suppliers. We want to know where we stand. Making mistakes is allowed, but let's look for solutions together.

Jan Willem [Campr, left] and Oscar [Cutr, right] discuss optimising design details for CNC production.

The challenge

“Campr’s ambition is to have a Campr at every campsite!”

Campr is growing more than 300% year-on-year and needs a supply chain that can flex to support that growth. It’s not easy to find suppliers with a real-time understanding of their inventory or internal processes. Many work on paper-based or outdated systems and clear communication is a huge issue.

“We mainly suffer from delivery problems. Wood, HPL and other parts that we use in our motorhomes are not available or have a very long delivery time. This causes delays in our planning.”

What’s more, Campr is constantly prototyping to make the product magical for their end customer, which makes production complicated. Cutr is focused on making regular changes on custom work easy for both customers and manufacturers.

“We are both ambitious and want to learn a lot. Because of this we are evenly matched and it is easy to make quick decisions together.”
Campr team installing the electrics amongst a CNC'd wooden interior.

The solution

Campr needs a transparent manufacturing supplier that is responsive to their changes & need for excellence. Cutr provides an easy to use platform where they can organise their workflow and understand easily the costs & time involved in design changes. Once they are ready to produce, Cutr quotes the job and connects Campr with a vetted manufacturer in the network.

“I can directly upload 3D files without making extensive 2D drawings. This saves us time. It is also great that the quotation is received quickly and that the expected delivery dates are made clear.”

Cutr is a lean team of designers, engineers & manufacturers who are all focused on helping Campr succeed. Switching manufacturers doesn’t mean starting over, Cutr acts as a partner that grows with your business.

“We’ve had to work through a lot of problems together! Cutr helped us switch manufacturer as we grew and worked with the new manufacturer to train them on Campr products.”
Jan Willem and Oscar chat about Cutr product improvements.

Building custom products is a constant back-and-forth between design and production. Cutr’s platform ensures that info isn’t ‘lost in translation’ due to not writing things down. All instruction and communication is recorded digitally. This helps quickly track down failure points as they happen.

“It certainly doesn’t always go smoothly! Cutr is open to all suggestions. A lot has been improved since the first order. Moreover, everything is negotiable and it is always possible to provide input & suggest changes.”

Cutr is easier for manufacturers too. Having clear, organised instructions for production means less time and cost spent on guessing customer needs against fast deadlines.

The future

Campr is just getting started. New vehicles, new designs, bigger operations. Finding a manufacturer is one thing, scaling the operation is another. It demands organisation, creative solutions and tight partnerships in order to work. The Cutr team is excited to be that partner.

“This year, in addition to our installation for the Volkswagen Transporter, we also want to develop a solution for the Fiat Ducato. We also want to order the woodwork for this via Cutr.”

Cutr is working on solutions that take stress out of growing a business and product. Cutr offers flexible financing regardless of which manufacturer you’re working with, so you always know where you stand. 

“We’re growing really fast and have multiple suppliers & deadlines. Cashflow is a constant focus, Cutr offers us flexible payment terms so we never have to worry there.”
Marlies and her team putting together the finishing touches on the latest Cutr van for Campr.


Cutr is focused on increasing transparency and quality, reducing errors and cost, and supercharging personal relationships with an all in one platform for getting your wood projects produced. Finding a great manufacturer at the right price, who has capacity, understands your needs and manages quality is hard. Cutr makes it easy.

Are you inspired to hit the road in your very own custom-designed Campr? Curious about the different materials, colours and possibilities? Visit the Campr website or schedule a time with the team to chat online or in their workshop!

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