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Between 30% to 50% of projects quoted by interior builders never move to production. A lot of time is wasted on quoting, especially with 2D files, as builders need to convert them to 3D for accurate quotes. We understand this problem and have developed a solution that automates quoting from both 2D and 3D files.

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Interior builders lose around 30% of their revenue by declining projects due to lack of capacity or capability. This also results in poor customer satisfaction as clients must find another builder. With Cutr's extensive network of interior builders, you can retain this revenue and keep your customers happy.

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Project financing solutions

We understand how challenging it is to grow in this industry due to the payment terms. Customers often don't pay upfront, yet builders need to procure materials and start working immediately to meet deadlines. Securing financing can also be difficult, especially on favorable terms. Cutr can help you expand and take on larger projects by offering financing solutions.

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Builders often face inconsistent project demand, leading to periods of full capacity and times of idleness. This inconsistency reduces overall returns and causes financial strain. Additionally, many design files provided by customers are not production-ready, requiring redrawing and wasting valuable production time, causing delays. Cutr can help by providing more jobs and ensuring production-ready files when you have the capacity to produce.

Get jobs from Cutr when you have capacity

Get production ready files and avoid redrawing design files for production

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Design files scattered across emails, drives, and folders can be hard to track, making it difficult to know which design was finalized or which quotes correspond to which files. This disorganization can consume a lot of your valuable time. At Cutr, we’ve developed a top-tier software solution to manage everything in one place efficiently.

Manage all design files, version history, and approvals on single platform

One place to manage all quotes, adjustments, versions and interactions related to a project

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Jorn Hofman

"The collaboration with Cutr has led to faster quotes, shorter lead times, and accelerated production processes.”
Lay3rs Smart Industry Solutions

Robert Stroomberg

Sales Director
“Cutr was great for us to translate what we wanted into manufacturing. They helped us to optimise it and find the right materials to build it from.”

Beau Lenselink

“We were struggling to find a partner to help us finish some orders, especially because it was just before the summer vacation. The stress was building up, but then Cutr found me a partner just in time. That was a great first impression of subcontracting with Cutr."

Robbert-jan Even

Instore Designer
“Cutr has given me a cutting edge over the competition for me and my clients. The planning with Cutr is totally different than it is with a normal production partner.
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Browse frequently asked questions on how do we help interior builders. Didn’t find an answer? Get in touch.

What file formats does Cutr support?

Cutr supports a variety of file formats for upload, including 2D and 3D CAD files such as .step, .stp, .dwg, .dxf, and .skp. Additionally, you can upload any design files in PDFs and your cutlist.

How come Cutr is so fast with quoting?

Cutr leverages machine learning and advanced software to generate project quotes quickly and accurately. While our technology handles the initial quoting process, our expert team reviews and adjusts the quotes as needed to ensure precision and reliability.

I have a design but its not complete yet, can I already receive a quote?

Yes! Designs often evolve throughout the process. We can provide you with an initial quote based on the current design and update it once the design is finalized. This adjustment can be made even after the original quote has been accepted.

Are you a middle man?

We are your interior builder, enhanced with a smart layer of software. Give us a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised by our prices!

Can Cutr work with materials other than wood?

Cutr primarily specializes in working with all types of wood materials. However, we are happy to accommodate other materials in your project, provided that wood constitutes at least 70% of the total materials used.

What type of wood materials Cutr work with?

Cutr work with diverse range of constructive and decorative wood materials. We work with various types, including but not limited to MDF, Plywood, Chipboard, OSB, Formply, HPL, Melamine, Veneer, solid wood, and bamboo. Each type of wood material has its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal, allowing for customization based on your preferences and project requirements.

Does Cutr provide sanding and finishing services as well?

Yes, Cutr offers a full range of sanding and finishing services. You can find more detailed information about these services here.

Does Cutr offer installation services?

Yes, Cutr offers installation services. You can find more detailed information about these services here.

What’s the typical delivery time?

The delivery time for your order depends on various factors, including the complexity of your project, material availability, and production capacity. Most orders takes 6-8 weeks. We can deliver faster on request.

How do you guarantee quality?

The company employs rigorous quality control measures throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. We onboard only high quality builders in our network after following comprehensive 6 step process. You can find more info regarding quality assurance process here.

Who’s my contact during the project?

Cutr is your primary point of contact and takes full responsibility for the entire project. While most of our customers prefer to work solely with our project manager, you also have the option to communicate directly with the producer of your project at any time.

Can I also get into contact with the interior builder?

Interior projects are initiated collaboratively with you, the producer, and our team as needed. Thorough preparation upfront leads to fewer mistakes and higher quality results. Additionally, our platform includes a chat feature that allows you to communicate directly with the producer at all time.If desired, we can provide you with samples or arrange a joint visit to the producer.

Can clients receive material samples before choosing?

Yes, samples are available upon request.

Is Cutr the end responsible party for the project, or the interior builder?

Cutr takes full responsibility for the entire project and is your primary point of contact.

Are my designs protected?

Absolutely, all files uploaded on our platform are secure and fully confidential. At Cutr, we take data protection and the safeguarding of intellectual property (IP) very seriously. You can read more about our IP protection policy here.

Have more questions please look into our dedicated FAQ section